Monday, November 10, 2008

Advanced Technologies in Patient Care Settings

The innovative referral management system and discharge referral system online healthcare software solutions accelerate and automate long-term care referral placement, discharge planning, electronic medical records management, and patient referral tracking–all within HIPAA guidelines.

With online healthcare software solutions, hospitals and long-term care providers no longer must rely on inefficient fax-and-paper-based discharge planning, referral management, and medical records storage and archiving.

A rapidly growing list of delighted long-term care providers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are benefiting from patient placement systems and online discharge planning systems. These innovative online healthcare software solutions include online fax servers, Web-based patient tracking systems and anytime electronic medical records management.

Patient placement systems fast, simple online healthcare software systems can boost your referral patient intakes, decrease patient length of stay, increase profits, and improve strategic operations. And you can trash that fax machine, once and for all.
Your hospital, long-term care facility or other healthcare organization also will enhance compliance with HIPAA guidelines with secure online software for patient tracking, discharge planning and electronic medical records management that ensures patient privacy.