Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Find Info Tech - Information Technology Resource

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Edward Koscic & Associates provides intelligence to healthcare organizations who are searching for software solutions. In today's challenging world of electronic medical records and increased reporting and scrutiny from government agencies, you need a champion who is on YOUR side.
Let FindInfoTech show you the way through the jungle of advertising and sales promises. Successful implementation of a software solution involves every area of your organization. From pre-selection planning through the "go live" date and beyond, let the experts assist you with the mechanics of the operation and allow your staff to do what they were trained and hired to do...care for residents and/or patients.

Edward Koscic and Associates, and FindInfoTech, recognizes the critical interrelationship between the human and the IT infrastructure. Our scope of services is applicable to providers of senior housing and health care as well as other organizations in a variety of health care industries. Our discovery, training, and implementation services equip managers with the critical knowledge and skills to manage the change in their information tools.

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