Thursday, June 5, 2008

Internet Faxing: Extended Healthcare Technology

Sending, receiving, and filing faxes is central to managing any healthcare organization. But while other systems and requirements — especially HIPAA-mandated security issues--have evolved, fax technology has hardly changed since the 1980s.

Sfax provides the secure transfer of patient health information (PHI), a feature virtually nonexistent with manual faxing. The system is an easy-to-deploy, scaleable solution that turns faxing into a paperless operation by tracking, routing and storing electronic faxes on a HIPAA-ready, Internet-based platform.

Sfax means Save – Time and Money

Sfax can save healthcare organizations 95% of the time and 80% of the cost of manual faxing. A simple three page fax costs upwards of $1.20 or over 40 cents per page which includes paper, toner, phone line and labor. The average 3 page fax takes more than 5 minutes to completely process. Multiply that times 1,000 faxes per month and you can see how it negatively affects your bottom line. With Sfax all the costs of manual faxing are eliminated—equipment, paper, ink/toner, dedicated phone line, and labor. All you need to use Sfax is a computer with an Internet connection.

Key Features

· Provides a HIPAA ready platform that meets or exceeds requirements
· Online Storage for 365 days – never lose another fax
· Auto log and audit trail of all faxes – record keeping made easy
· Index and Search – Find a fax in a split second
· Custom cover pages – saves time, every time
· Import address books – easy look up fax numbers
· Toll free numbers – routes faxes to the right person and saves time
· Export to document mgmt or EMR – no more scanning – think paperless
· Sfax means Secure - Full HIPAA security

HIPAA mandates strict security to keep patient information private. Sfax meets or exceeds the most stringent HIPAA security standards to keep you in compliance.

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